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Did you put off purchasing and having a new air conditioning system installed all summer? It’s time to bite the bullet and take advantage of what the fall season has to offer. Even though you may think it’s wise to wait until the spring, find out why now is the perfect time:

  1. Thinking you should wait until the spring to have a new air conditioning system installed? Think about how many other homeowners have the same plans. This could mean that air conditioning companies will be extremely busy when warmer temperatures make their way back into town and you may have to wait until they can fit you in.
  2. Now that temperatures are getting a bit cooler, you can probably go a few days without running your system. This will give your A/C company time to remove your old system and install the new one without your home overheating. Take advantage of milder temperatures and crack the windows for some fresh air!
  3. Some dealers and manufacturers offer end-of-season incentives. You may be able to get a great deal on a new system during the cooler months.

Since our beginning in 1983, Aspen Air Conditioning has been focused on the comfort needs of Southeast Florida residents at home and at work. We pride ourselves in achieving the highest customer satisfaction through our TEAM of experts which include our installation, service and inside support. Give us a call at 561-395-1500 when you’re ready to have a new A/C system installed.

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