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Have a musty smell coming from your A/C vents? Florida’s warm, humid climate is a breeding ground for mildew and there may be some growing in your ducts. If you don’t take care of this problem, it can pose potential health hazards.

Wondering how you can get rid of the smell of mildew? Follow these steps:

  • Check the filter. If it’s dirty you need to replace it clean it right away.
  • Dirt and debris often forms in the condensate drain and pan. To check, unscrew the condensate drain from the coupling and remove the drip pan. After you’ve removed the visible debris, pour a bit of bleach or white vinegar into the pan and replace.
  • Check the ducts in your basement or attic for leaks. If air is leaking out, it means that moisture is getting in and forming mold. Patch any leaks with tape or putty immediately.

If there is still a musty smell coming from your vents after you have performed these tasks, call Aspen Air Conditioning. Mold may be collecting inside of the unit itself and should be cleaned by a professional.

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