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Much like anything else today, staying healthy is extremely important. In your home, one of the most important things to be mindful of is your air quality. The average human takes 23,000 breaths per day, so shouldn’t the air you’re breathing be clean? Routine maintenance of your AC unit includes changing out air filters, which is an imperative part of keeping air quality at an all-time high.

Calling Your Service Company

A quick call to your service company is a great way to stay on top of your air quality. During routine maintenance, they’ll perform necessary maintenance which includes changing the air filters in your home. If you’re using a central air conditioning system, this particular filter will be fairly large, and responsible for trapping particles before they enter. For those who use a ductless system, changing the filter is also a good idea. Even though the air is not coming from outdoors, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s already clean. Either way, having them changed twice per year is a great way to improve air quality, no matter which unit you’re using.

Cleaning Your Ducts

It’s important to know that although filters are set in place, sometimes everything else could use a little TLC. While this isn’t an ‘every-month’ type job, it’s important that you have your ducts not only inspected periodically, but cleaned as well. This also includes your vents. Buildup of particles in this area can eventually make their way into the air you breath, which is not good for you, loved ones, and pets.

If it’s been awhile since your last maintenance check, give Aspen Air Conditioning a call to set up an appointment. Whether commercial or residential, we’re Boca Raton’s top choice for everything cooling!

If you’re thinking about a new A/C system, Aspen Air Conditioning is Boca Raton’s leading provider of quality parts, service and installation. We offer unsurpassed quality and ease of appointment making. To request a quote, call us at 561-396-1500, or like us on Facebook!

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