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Air-conditioning is an investment for your home that isn’t to be toyed with. Due to the nature of the unit and components, sometimes an unwanted malfunction can occur. Whether it’s an old unit or a force of nature causes the issue, it’s always a good idea to have it looked at. Sometimes however, homeowners neglect to have their units looked at. Instead of putting the job off, here are some tell-tale signs you should pick up the phone and have it looked at.

Cooling Issue

If your home isn’t as cool at it once was, something might be acting up with your unit as a whole. If you’re practicing the same routine as you typically do, this is a good time to give the unit a once over, and a phone call to a trained technician (hey, that’s us!). By addressing the lack of cool air now, you can remedy the problem and have your house back up and running within a shorter timeframe than it would be if ignored, and something were to go wrong.

Weird Noises

The main unit in your air conditioner is composed of many moving parts that all need to work in harmony to effectively cool your home. If you’re experiencing odd noises you don’t recognize, your first step should be to turn the unit off. Preventing further damage can save a ton of money and labor in the long run. Ideally, make an immediate call to your technician to come out and diagnose the problem. Whether you’re under warranty or in need of a new part, getting back up and running quickly is important during warmer days.

Lack of Service

Some consider routine checkups to be redundant. While we’re far different from the doctor or dentist, you should be treating your air conditioning unit with the same care you would for yourself. Schedule a checkup and have everything looked at before something else goes wrong. Maintenance plans are very affordable and can pay dividends when looking at the long term picture

Aspen Air Conditioning is South Florida’s premier AC installation and maintenance experts. We have proudly served thousands of residential and commercial properties all over the region with unsurpassed quality and affordability. If you’re in need of anything related to cooking, make the call to Aspen Air — done correctly the first time, every time! Call 561-395-1500 to learn more!

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