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Shopping for a new A/C unit can be tough work sometimes — with the vast range of options today, it’s hard to know exactly what you need for your home. While it’s true that different styles of homes warrant different types of cooling units, sometimes it does also come down to personal preference. Before splurging on an entirely new system, see where you might fit as far as a new A/C system below.

Smaller Houses

Ranch style houses are great — everything important is on one floor, and it’s easy to navigate. But what kind of air conditioning do you need in this home? Many believe that forced air is the best option for any house, but it truly depends. Maybe ductless is the way to go. Placing one or two units around the house can effectively cool a smaller area! While you worry about a large unit outside with traditional methods, this eliminates the use of your outdoor space.

Larger homes

Depending on the design of this home, there are different options for everyone. A larger home with a ton of rooms should certainly look into traditional cooling methods — if the house is always occupied that is. To keep everyone cool, it’s easy to just turn on the AC and allow it to do its job. But what if you’re living in a split level with unoccupied rooms? If this is the case, ductless can also benefit you. Try placing the units between levels, allowing them to work to cool rooms at the same time. You don’t need to cool the whole house if the rest of the air won’t be enjoyed. Save yourself some cash!

Whatever type of home it is that you own, make sure your installation is handled by a professional. When you’re ready to have a unit put in, Aspen Air Conditioning is ready to serve you and your home the right way. We’re proud to serve the entire Boca Raton region with all of their commercial and residential cooling needs.