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How clean is the air inside your home? Do you know the answer? Have you ever even thought about it? Since we spend the majority of our time indoors, it’s vital to have fresh, clean air inside our homes and with the REME cell, your air just became a whole lot healthier.

What is the REME Cell?
Kansas State University completed testing on the Reflective Electromagnetic Energy (REME Cell) technology. Test results show 99+% Inactivation of the H1N1 Flu. In this report it was also proven to reduce the colds and virus’ through a sneeze within 3 feet.

The REME cell is an ultraviolet light combined with a Hydro-Peroxide generator installed in the air conditioning duct work that provides the 3 components you need for better indoor air quality:

  1. Up to 85% gas and odor reduction
  2. Up to 99% microbial reduction on surfaces and/or airborne
  3. Up to 93% particulate reduction as small as .3 micron

Watch this quick video to learn more!

Now that we are entering Flu season, it’s extremely important to keep your indoor air clean and microbial-free. Contact the indoor air quality experts at Aspen Air Conditioning today to find out how we can help!