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Oftentimes, homeowners feel the wrath of constantly keeping their home cool. It goes without saying that we’re all not experts on how we can save every penny when budgeting, but there are easier ways than turning the A/C off. What many people don’t do is look for alternative ways to not only reduce A/C expense, but also keep themselves comfortable in their home, and using the energy. Though they may seem rather simple, these small changes in your home can lead to BIG results when that bill comes in the mail.


You A/C system is working to cool the entire home, and we know that. But have you ever thought of creating a tad more airflow than what’s already there? Think about adding a fan near the vent in which your air is coming out of. It’s cooling the room, sure, but now at a much more forceful pace. Compare it to your air conditioning in the car. Fan speed level 1 and 4 are far different, but the temperature doesn’t change — only the force in which the air is coming out does.

Tune Ups!

If you’ve been neglecting your A/C components for a while, now might be the time to give your service provider a call and have it looked at. Chances are, the less you pay attention to your unit, the more it can cost you. Build up, dust, or general problems lead to failing units, which cause them to work harder to maintain a comfortable level. If this is you, it might be a good idea to have this appointment set up ASAP.

With a variety of service plans available, Aspen Air Conditioning is here to assist with everything HVAC related. In order to keep you cool, you’ve gotta stay on top of your A/C maintenance — we make that part seamless and easy!

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