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Indoor air quality is often overlooked and is rarely given the thought it deserves. As a responsible business or homeowner, nothing is more important than providing your employees and your family with a safe, healthy environment. Kansas State University recently completed testing on the Reflective Electromagnetic Energy (REME Cell) technology, that drastically increases the quality of your indoor air. Find out more about what the REME Cell is and how it works below:

What Is The REME Cell?

The REME cell is an ultra violet light combined with a Hydro-Peroxide generator installed in the air conditioning duct work that provides the 3 components you need for better indoor air quality:

  1. Up to 85% gas and odor reduction
  2. Up to 99% microbial reduction on surfaces and/or airborne for:
    • H1N1 Flu
    • Bird Flu
    • SARS
    • E.coli
  3. Up to 93% particulate reduction as small as .3 micron

How Does It Work?

It generates Hydro-Peroxides, (found naturally as a common part of our environment) and supercharges or ionizes them to destroy airborne and surface pollutants at the source. This brings the oxidants found in the outside air into the conditioned space of your home or facility.