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Getting adequate sleep during the night is crucial for optimal performance the next day. Sounds, light, and other factors play a role in your sleep patterns. But perhaps one of the most important is the temperature of the room you’re sleeping in. If you’re having issues staying asleep It might be a good idea to check your thermostat before you head to bed.

Suggested Temperatures

Studies have shown that the best temperature range for sleeping is between 60-67 degrees, with the optimal temperature at 65. While you rest, your body’s temperature decreases in an attempt to initiate sleep – this temperature range can help. Thermostats that are set lower or higher can lead to restlessness and affect the quality of your REM sleep stage.

Age Matters

Since everyone is different, you may find that this temperature range doesn’t work for you. The same goes for your family members. If you have a baby and you’re trying to get them to sleep, raising the temperature between 65 and 70 can be highly effective. This comes with the notion to make sure they baby’s bed is away from any windows or fans, and the temperature remains consistent throughout the night.

Other Sleep Aids

If you still find yourself having trouble sleeping, there are a few other fixes you can look into. Try placing a hot water bottle at the foot of your bed. By doing this, you’re dilating your blood vessels and pushing your internal thermostat to a more ideal level. Staying away from memory pillows is a great idea as well. Although comfortable, they can raise overall body temperature which can ultimately affect your sleep.

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