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The human body takes around 16 breaths per minute, or 23,040 per day! Our health is extremely important, and that means we should keep a close watch on our air quality. By preparing and maintaining our homes. we can make sure the air we’re breathing is as clean as possible, which benefits overall health! Here are some things you can do.

  • Using low-VOC paints can limit the amount of gases released by paint after a fresh coat has been applied. These toxic chemicals include formaldehyde, which is not good for your lungs.
  • Avoid toxic cleaning and beauty products. These types of products can lead to higher amounts of these VOC’s as mentioned in the air, which can be inhaled into your lungs.
    Fixing leaks can prevent rain or humidity from entering your home, which can ultimately lead to mold. The dampness by itself is associated with asthma symptoms such as coughing and wheezing– it’s imperative you take a look at this!
  • Ventilating your kitchen is a great idea. IT has been shown that a single meal cooked on a gas stove can produce levels of NITROGEN DIOXIDE that is considered by the EPA to be unsafe.
  • Clean your A/C filters! By cleaning or replacing them, you’re trapping outside particles from entering your home. By doing this, less particles will be in your air, and your lungs will surely thank you!

For A/C maintenance, you can always turn to Aspen Air Conditioning for anything related to air quality, and cooling. For more information about how we can provide you with service, give us a call at 561-395-1500, or like us on Facebook!

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