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The world of tech is changing at a rapid pace, and we aren’t referring solely to computers and cell phones. With smart technology becoming an everyday item for many, it has begun to trickle into the daily tasks we complete at home. You can talk to a device that controls your lights, remotely close the blinds, and change the temperature from your home! In terms of cooling, smart thermostats prove to be one of the best investments homeowners can make, mainly because of their ease of use, and opportunity to save on cooling costs!

Full Control

Thought it might seem scary, controlling your home from your cell phone might not be such a bad idea! Enabled via wifi, your smart thermostats will allow you to alter the temperature in your home, before and after you get there! This way, you can control the temperature and have it set to something comfortable before you get back. And for those who simply forget to change it before that week-long vacation, turning around and rushing back home doesn’t have to happen. All from your phone, you can make sure your house is at the right temperatures!


Smart thermostats will learn your habits. If you turn the temperature up in the morning, it will eventually learn that you like to do that. This applies to when you get home, and go to bed as well! Some enjoy sleeping in different types of climates, and this is exactly what a smart thermostat learns to do — adjust to your entire style of living!

Some products are even available and can be synced with other smart devices. Nest Thermostats can be paired with other products to give you an entire view of your home’s well being when you’re not there. No more worrying about finding someone to house sit, Nest can do that for you!

If new A/C components are on your horizon, give Aspen Air Conditioning a call for a free, no obligation consultation. We’re Boca Raton’s premier installer of all things HVAC, including smart devices like Nest products!