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Tossing and turning at night might be more than just the things keeping you awake at night. In fact, lack of sleep and the difficulty of actually falling asleep are two completely different things. While some factors are definitive, there are a few things that can make your slumber better or worse. If you’re having issues with your sleep patterns, take a look below and see how you can fall asleep quicker, and how your home can help!


Studies show that the optimal temperature to fall asleep in is 65 degrees. While that might seem a bit low for many, the science behind it is actually true. Your body lowers its internal temperature when it wants to clock out for the night, and being in a room closer to that range can help your body do so, which can help you fall asleep faster. Any lower or higher by a large number can have an affect on your REM sleep stage. The right air conditioner/thermostat combo can help

Sleeping Aids

While melatonin is a great way to help you stay asleep, there are a few things that can actually keep you asleep at night, and they’re pretty easy and common. New sheets can mentally help you get focused and settled into the possibility of falling asleep, while memory foam pillows can actually harm your ability. These can actually raise your overall body temperature which makes it harder to nod off.

Age Factors

Sometimes your age plays a big role in what helps you doze at night. Even though there are ideal temperature ranges for everyone, some don’t work with certain people and must be altered. For younger children and babies, higher temperatures can help them stay asleep, as long as the temperature remains consistent throughout the night. Older people tend to like the temperature a little bit lower, to help them get comfy before turning in.
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