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Heating and cooling your home can sometimes account for up to 50 percent of your home’s energy use — that’s a lot to think about! While you can’t predict how much energy you’ll have to use, you can prevent high costs by switching to cost-effective methods. With an energy efficient heat pump, $1 of electricity can turn into $2-$4 of heat. Below are a few other benefits to owning a heat pump.

  • Understanding that a heat pump isn’t the cheapest method for heating alone, it does pose outstanding benefits when in comparison to the other options. In addition to its already low costs, it doubles as an air conditioner that is equally as energy efficient during the warmer months. This means you technically only need one unit for the entire year– and that’ll save you precious yard space!
  • Heat pumps are surprisingly smart. With the correct settings, you can drastically lower your energy consumption, as well as your overall cost of heating. By setting your thermostat at a comfortable level, your heat pump will adapt to the type of setting you’d like to see in your home, operating at extremely low power consumption levels– more money in your pocket!
  • You’re ultimately saving the environment, too! Electric heat pumps do not cause any sort of pollution and are considered to be very geen! This can eventually add to the overall value of your home as well. And speaking of homes, did we mention that heat pumps are virtually noise-free? Because they’re placed outside, you’ll hardly ever hear it when operating– even when you’re outside!

If you’re thinking about having a heat pump installed in your home, Aspen Air Conditioning has you covered! With years of experience in the HVAC industry, we’ll help you decide on the best possible options for your home. Call us today at 561-395-1500 for more information on how you can start saving! Be sure to like us on Facebook too!

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