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Air conditioning doesn’t have to be rocket science — in fact, it’s very easy. Keeping your system running smoothly involves one simple word: Maintenance. Following along with your maintenance checks and tuneups can ensure a long life for your air conditioner, as well as more money in your pocket! There are a few main things looked at during your tune ups that keep your unit running effectively.

Air filters

One of the most important components to your entire unit is the filter. Because air is constantly passing through the filter, it gathers a lot of debris and dust over time. Failure to change this can result in a lower quality of air in your home, which can lead to illnesses, and unwanted odors and debris floating around.

Condenser coils/fins

These are also an imperative part of maintenance. Your condenser coils and fins are responsible for the sucking of air. Depending on the season, tons of things can get sucked through this area, closing airflow and damaging the unit. These particles can seem very small, but in reality they’re very big and add up! It’s a good idea to check this area bi-weekly if you’re constantly running your unit.

Aspen Air Conditioning is proud to offer everything from basic to comprehensive system maintenance for residential and commercial clients. If your ac unit is in need of a tune up, don’t wait until it becomes a problem. Call Aspen Air conditioning today and make your appointment!

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