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Upon buying a home, the absolute last thing you’d want is an infiltration of bugs, rodents, and any other pests. More often than not, homeowners do not prepare for the colder months, when these types of ‘guests’ are looking for a warmer area to nestle into. Following these simple steps can prevent most, if not all unwanted pests from entering your home.

Setting Traps

Pests look for dark corners where they can scurry along unseen. This is probably their most direct path of transportation when it comes to entering your home. A great way to prevent any and all motion of these pets is by setting traps. For larger guests, a rodent trap will do the trick. For best practice, set them in places where they can’t be reached by children or pets. It’s good to check these traps every morning to track your progress and learn where they may be coming from.

Inspect Your Ducts

By checking your ducts for leaks, you’re tackling two things at once. On one side, this would enable you to save on energy costs as your system would operate more efficiently once these leaks are sealed. The other side would show you a possible entry point for pests.

Inspect your Unit

As a homeowner, you should be inspecting your A/C unit regularly for any issues that may be arising without you noticing. Most units are installed on a slab and clear of vegetation, but that doesn’t mean it can’t show up. If anything is blocking or in the way of the unit, it’s a great idea to remove it. You should also be cleaning or replacing the filter at least every couple of months. Conducting a routine checkup can have lasting effects when performed effectively.

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