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Say goodbye to your old smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and say hello to Nest Protect. This new smart home device is taking safety and security to the next level. How? Find out about its Emergency Shutoff feature and how it can keep the people inside your home protected.

Lots of times when there is an emergency inside a home, heating and cooling equipment can actually make the situation worse. Think about it like this, your carbon monoxide detector is going off while your home’s heating system continues to run on fossil fuels (such as oil or gas). Or how about if your home is filling with smoke. If you have any fans running or the air conditioning vents are blowing air throughout your home, guess what? The smoke is going to spread.

Nest Protect’s Emergency Shutoff feature actively fights back to keep you and your family safe. It works with your thermostat to turn your heating or cooling systems off when an emergency strikes.

It’s important to keep in mind that this feature is based on the type of system you enter during thermostat setup and it only works with forced air systems. It also won’t with electric systems – it must be gas, oil or other fossil fuels.

Want to learn more about Nest smart home products? Give the experts at Aspen Air Conditioning a call today – we’re waiting to speak with you!

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