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Mold may be building up in your air conditioning system without you even noticing. But there’s no need to worry – leaving the air conditioner running can actually help remove moisture and prevent mold from growing.

Mold flourishes in warm, moist environments which is why South Florida homeowner’s often experience mold in their air conditioning systems. Although running your air conditioner can become costly, especially during the summer when your system works harder to keep up with your demand, it can actually help reduce mold growth.

Believe it or not, your air conditioner helps to remove moisture from the air and deposit it outside leaving you with a cool, dry environment inside your home. Additionally, when your air conditioner is on filtered air is circulated throughout your home making the air you breathe much healthier.

The truth is, “Molds thrive when the humidity levels exceed 70 percent. Because humidity levels vary from day to day, the thermostat should be left at or below 74 degrees, and the fan should be set to “On,” according to HGTV.

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