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Even though it’s fall and temperatures are dropping a bit, it’s a bad idea to neglect your home’s cooling system until the spring. Doing so can leave you in a world of trouble when temperatures start to heat up again so here’s what you can do now and over the next few months to make sure your air conditioner remains in tip-top shape:

What You Should Do Now
1. Clean or replace the filter in your A/C system. High-efficiency filters tend to work best.
2. Go outside and check the unit. Keep it free of leaves, grass and other debris.
3. Make sure bushes and shrubs are trimmed back so there is at least 2-3 feet of space around the outdoor unit.

What You Should Do Over The Next Few Months
1. Check to make sure refrigerant levels are where they need to be.
2. Clean or replace the filter again after 90 days.
3. Replace the humidifier filter and turn on the water.

Have you scheduled your fall air conditioning maintenance appointment yet? Contact Aspen Air Conditioning today to keep your system up and running efficiently whenever you need it and don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook!

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