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There’s no doubt that technology is on the rise, and will soon consume most of the things we use on a daily basis. With that being said, there are great uses for technology when talking about amenities for your home, and how they can benefit you — after all, convenience is key, right? With a smart thermostat, you’re able to control the temperature of your home from anywhere, and it can provide you with much more than just a temperature reading. But is a smart thermostat right for you? Here are some things to consider.

  • Multiple settings are great for those on the go. With this, you’ll be able to program your thermostat to adjust the temperature before you arrive or after you leave. This can help lower your cooling costs, and adjust temperatures based on different conditions such as high humidity.
  • In addition to lowering your costs, by using your thermostat properly you can reduce your carbon footprint — talk about being smart! It also has the ability to tell you when to change the filter in your unit. Additionally, this nifty piece of technology can also notify you as well when a service is necessary!
  • Installation may be a little tricky if you’re not tech saavy. It’s important to understand the delicacy of a smart thermostat before tackling an installation. A professional install is your best bet — hey wait, we can do that!
  • Typically a smart thermostat costs more than a traditional thermostat setup, which may be a deterrent. However the ease and payoff in the long run can be far greater than initial costs.

Aspen Air Conditioning is a retailer of Nest Smart thermostats and can transform your home into the living space of the future. If you’re thinking about any additions to your home cooling system, give us a call at 516-395-1500 for a free estimate!

Nest Thermostat installation in Boca Raton