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Air quality is something everyone should be monitoring in their home — and sometimes, it isn’t! Due to the need for clean air in your home, it should come as a no-brainer to do some checks and test out the air for cleanliness. What oftentimes is overlooked, is how easy it actually is to perform a check, and how you can tell on your own. Below, we’ve got a few ways you can detect poor air quality, and how you can remedy the situation.

  1. A change in season might mean more allergic reactions, but dust and poor air quality can also contribute to this as well. If you’re dealing with this as you walk into a room or your home, this is an indication of poor air quality that should be addressed immediately.
  2. Changes outside can have adverse effects on your home’s air quality as well. If you’re keeping windows and doors open while people spray insecticides and perform home renovations, some of that dust and debris can enter your home.
  3. Take a look at air distribution. If one spot in your home is colder or warmer than the other, there is an issue in which the air is being sent around the home. Airflow is likely the culprit and while it might not seem like a big deal, this can be a big role in why some of your air isn’t getting the proper filtration it deserves.

If you’re just not sure, there are also things you can do in order to have this prevented and promote healthy air across all areas of your home. The best thing you can do is give your AC technician a ring and have the situation assessed by someone who can do the right things to keep quality up and teach you more about improving your air quality year-round.
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