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Have you ever experienced an air conditioner breakdown during the dog days of summer? The weather in South Florida has been unreasonable hot which makes our cooling systems work harder. Why does that matter? The harder our systems have to work, the more likely they are to quit working when we need them most. Find out how to keep them going all season long below:

Clean The Filter
Did you know that a clogged filter can cause ice to form in the coils? If the indoor coil is iced over, clean or replace the filter and turn the unit off. Let it defrost for a few hours before turning it back on because ice can block airflow considerably.

Check The Breaker
This is a common reason for service calls, but this problem can often be handled by the homeowner. Make sure the breaker is turned on at the electrical panel if you have an electric air handler.

Inspect The Thermostat
Check the temperature setting on the thermostat to make sure your house is in fact calling for cool air. If it’s not blowing cool air when it should be, contact the experts at Aspen Air Conditioning – that’s what we’re here for!

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of comfort through quality maintenance, service and installation practices. Since our beginning in 1983, Aspen Air Conditioning has been focused on the comfort needs of Southeast Florida residents at home and at work. Call us today to make an appointment!