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If this summer is anything like the past couple of years, we’re in for a sweltering season. You know what that means – running your A/C systems non-stop in order to keep cool. If you’re like the rest of us and can’t stand to see another expensive bill, follow these tips to keep cooling costs down.

  1. Don’t make your system work harder – keeping heat out of your house is the first way to prevent high energy bills. Shading your roof and using curtains on your windows to keep sunlight out are a few ways to keep your house cool. You can also increase your home’s insulation and keep in mind that running your oven will add heat.
  2. Ask us about energy-efficient equipment – you can increase your system’s efficiency by keeping it in tune. Make sure to clean the filter regularly and that all air leaks are properly fixed. If your system is getting old, it may be wise to replace it with a more energy efficient model.
  3. Eliminate waste – why keep the house cool while nobody’s home? This is a surefire way to make your energy bills skyrocket. Turn the thermostat up when you’re at work or on vacation – you can always turn it back down when you return.

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