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We are smack dab in the middle of Atlantic Hurricane Season and South Florida is not exactly a hurricane-free zone. We often experience severe storms and strong winds that have the ability to knock out anything in its path – including the power. So, how can you keep cool in the event of a power outage? Find out below:

  1. Keep Windows Closed – when the sun is out during the day, keep your windows closed. Not only should you keep them closed, you should also close the curtains – the darker the better. If it gets cooler at night, you can open the windows then.
  2. Eat Cool – instead of finding ways to boil water for pasta or preparing hot meals, eat cold foods instead. Ice pops and cold-cut sandwiches are much better options.
  3. Choose Your Clothes Wisely – put down the tight-fitting gym clothes and opt for loose-fitting, light-colored clothing instead. It will help keep air circulating and keep you cooler.
  4. Go For A Swim – you can purchase battery powered fans for when you have to be inside, but going for a swim is a great way to cool off outside. Keep in mind that swimming during a storm is a major health hazard, so be sure to wait until it passes.

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