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During the warmer months, cooling costs can drastically increase. It’s fair to assume we all love a nice cool home, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Let’s be honest, we all love saving money — even if it’s only a few dollars here and there. Using these tips, you can save some cash on your cooling, and still stay cool!

  • Outdoor plants are a great way to save money, seriously! If you can shade your air conditioner, or limit the amount of light that enters your home, cooling costs dip way down. Plus, this can BOOST THE EFFICIENCY of your air conditioning unit by about 10 percent!
  • If you’re away for a longer period of time, set your air conditioner to a higher temperature. If nobody will be home, there’s no sense in wasting the energy to keep your couches and lamps cool (sorry, guys). A SMART THERMOSTAT can also allow you to set temperatures even if you’re not home!
  • Consider a fan! Circulation of cool air is key. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, consider picking up a box fan. This will help evaporate the sweat from your skin, and remove heat from rooms that run a bit warmer.
  • Remove heat and moisture immediately. If you’ve just taken a shower, make sure to turn the exhaust fan on right after, or even before you jump in. The same rule applies with cooking. Turn on the kitchen exhaust if you’ve just made a meal. Opt for a cool salad over a baked treat. The oven will only make temperatures rise, causing your unit to work harder.
  • Your body is adjusting to temperatures it has experienced from recent days. Allow yourself time to adjust before setting your thermostat to an ice-cold temperature. Try a damp towel on the back of your neck, or an ice pack. Cold water to drink, and comfy clothes help too. Eventually, your body will naturally adjust to the temperatures, with a little help from your A/C.

If you’re thinking about a new A/C system, Aspen Air Conditioning is Boca Raton’s leading provider of quality parts, service and installation. We offer unsurpassed quality and ease of appointment making. To request a quote, call us at 561-396-1500, or like us on Facebook!