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What’s your favorite major appliance? Because of the warm, humid climate we have down in Delray Beach we’re going out on a limb to say it’s probably your air conditioner. What you might not like so much is that big unit sitting out in the yard. It can definitely be a big eyesore especially when you have friends and family over for a backyard bbq.

There’s no need to sweat it – there are some simple ways you can camouflage, hide or block the bulky piece of equipment so you and your guests won’t even know it’s there. All it takes is a bit of creativity and some design flair.

We must first however, offer one significant piece of advice. If you’re having a new system installed think about ways to keep your equipment running efficiently – that is, not any harder than it has to. Located the outdoor equipment in a section of the yard that receives very little to no sunlight. A unit that sits in the sun all day will have to work twice as hard.

Now for making the outdoor unit disappear, or at least be hidden from eyesight:

  • Envelope the unit with fences or screens. This is also a great way to elaborate on the visual appearance of your garden. Lattice fences tend to look nice in these situations.
  • Hide it behind your outdoor kitchen. If you enjoy entertaining and have assumed the grillmaster responsibilities whenever there’s a party, consider building up an outdoor kitchen area so your outdoor ac unit is blocked from view.
  • Distract your guests. This may require the help of a landscape architect but it will surely help. After all, the key to a beautiful garden is to “direct the eye to a beautiful framed view.” This could be in the form of an elaborate stone walkway or lush vegetation.

Say goodbye to that eyesore in the backyard with any of these concealing options. And if you want in on a few more ideas, feel free to contact the air conditioning experts at Aspen Air Conditioning today!

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