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It’s too expensive. I don’t have ducts in my home. It’s going to make a mess. These are a few of the most common reasons people neglect to have central air systems installed – sound like you? But it’s actually not as expensive and not as messy as you may think. So to help keep you from becoming a sweaty mess this season, it’s time to start thinking about having a central air conditioning system installed.

You may have been hesitant in the past because you don’t have ducts in your home and installing them, along with a new cooling system would destroy your house. Well, think again. It’s much less expensive and the installation is easier than you might think.

Step One: Choosing A Unit
The first step of the process is probably the most important. You need to choose the right equipment or you’ll be left with an uncomfortable house and and empty wallet and you don’t want either of those, right? We’ll help you determine what size system you need in order to maximize efficiency and keep your energy bills down.

Step Two: Proper Placement
The condenser needs space and will make noise no matter how quiet it claims to be so choosing a location for it is vital. You’ll want to keep it away from bedroom or home office windows and any airflow restrictions can cause it to work harder than it has to.

Step Three: Ductwork
If you have existing ducts in your home for heating purposes, you’re in luck. Most systems can make use of existing ducts so new ones don’t have to be installed. Just make sure to have them inspected because modifications often have to be made.

No ducts? No problem. In most cases, your walls and ceilings will be left untouched and the mess will be small. Holes will have to be cut in first and second floor ceilings for the registers but we’ll keep the debris under control.
Ready to make the upgrade? Aspen Air Conditioning has been serving the South Florida area for over 30 years and we’re waiting for your call! Don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all of your air conditioning needs.