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If you don’t take the time to clean your air conditioner’s filter, you may be breathing in mold, mildew and other harmful airborne pollutants. The filter is one of the most critical elements in your cooling system as it filters out dangerous toxins and keeps your air clean. In addition to the filter, electronic air cleaners have a number of benefits and features to keep you breathing fresh, pollution-free air.

How Can Electronic Air Cleaners Help?

  • Suffer from allergies? An electronic air cleaner is a must as it removes irritating airborne allergens
  • It comes with a lifetime filter system so it never needs replacing
  • Removes pet odors as well as smoke from tobacco and cooking odors
  • Protects and prolongs the lifespan of your heating and cooling equipment
  • Provides fresher, more comfortable air year-round

Ready to make the switch to cleaner, healthier air in your home? Contact the experts at Aspen Air Conditioning today to learn more and don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter!

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