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Itching, sneezing and coughing? Seasonal allergies can really make your life miserable and they can affect more than just your senses if left untreated. While some medicines may help, often times the causes of allergies are far more severe and require another solution. Want to get down to the cause and attack your allergies once and for all? An indoor air quality system may help.
Mold, dust mites and pet dander are three primary causes of allergies in your home. We understand how unpleasant it can be to be sneezing and coughing in your own home, and it can be prevented!
An indoor air quality system in your home can really make your living environment more comfortable. What can this type of system do to help me fight my allergies?
  1. It will help eliminate up to 85% of gases and odors in your home.
  2. It can get rid of up to 99% of airborne and surface microbials.
  3. The overall air quality in your home will increase so you won’t breathe in pollen and other airborne allergens.

If you suffer from allergies all year round, and would like to discuss how an indoor air quality system can help give Aspen Air Conditioning a call today at 561- 395-1500. Remember to follow us on Twitter for everything you need to know about creating a more comfortable environment in your home.

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