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Finding the best product is often hard — there are a ton of factors to weigh before making your purchase. What’s going to last the longest? What about quality and cost? Thankfully, when it comes to reliable Air conditioning units, Aspen Air is committed to providing some of the finest brands available today. Whether it’s a new unit or even a thermostat, we carry only the best for our clients; you deserve it! Take a look at some below.


Lennox Units have been one of the top choices for residential and commercial applications for years. Combining top of the line units with unsurpassed installation procedures, the two make a dynamic duo of cooling options in your home with great SEER ratings. Additionally, they provide smart branded thermostats that provide seamless integration throughout your entire home!


Perhaps the brand with the most recognizable name should make an appearance too, wouldn’t you think? Celebrating over 100 years in business, Carrier products have stuck to their roots providing a modern touch on the simplistic design that cools many homes today. Many also have a great SEER rating.


Trane is known as the ultimate comfort specialists. Trand provides endless options with a wide price range. While their top units can also come with a larger price tag, they’re ideal for the larger home and making sure that they’re kept cool during the warmer months of the year.

BONUS: No home would be complete without a Smart Thermostat? Give Nest a try — control it from your phone! Smart thermostats have become the new norm in households, and it’s important to understand that the return on investment results from such a low cost for heating and cooling when you’re not home. When the time is right, make sure you’re giving Aspen Air Conditioning a call for your new unit. We’ll have a specialist come to your location and provide you the information necessary to move forward with your decision for no cost! See why Aspen Air has proudly served 100,000 South Florida residents over the past 33 years in business.

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