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Indoor Air Quality

Customers should spend time to ask pertinent questions about Indoor Air Quality to insure that the correct solution is proposed. There are many solutions to improve your indoor air quality within your home depending on what you are looking for as a consumer. These include odors, bacteria, virus’ and mold spores which can invade your home causing you and your family health issues. Aspen Air Conditioning is a proud distributor of the RGF Environmental line up which includes the new REME HALO product.

Kansas State University completed testing on the Reflective Electromagnetic Energy (REME Cell) technology. Test results show 99+% Inactivation of the H1N1 Flu. In this report it was also proven to reduce the colds and virus’ through a sneeze within 3 feet.

What is the REME Cell?

An ultra violet light combined with a Hydro-Peroxide generator installed in the air conditioning duct work that provides the 3 components you need for better Indoor Air Quality.

  1. Up to 85% gas and odor reduction.
  2. Up to 99% microbial reduction on surfaces and/or airborne for: Flu, Norwalk SARS, E.coli, Bacillius SP, Strep, MRSA, Listeria and tuberculosis.
  3. Up to 93% particulate reduction as small as .3 micron.

How Does it Work?

It generates Hydro-Peroxides, (found naturally as a common part of our environment) and supercharges or ionizes them to destroy airborne and surface pollutants at the source. This brings the oxidants found in the outside air, into the conditioned space of your home.

How Much Does It Cost?

It depends on the size and number of air conditioning systems you have. Please call us today and I will visit your house at no cost to you and discuss options available.

What If My Air Conditioning Isn’t Running?

It doesn’t have to be. A silent propulsion module constantly generates these Hydro-Peroxides into the air for proactive protection.

Are They Available for Commercial Buildings as Well?

There are several options for commercial building both large and small depending on what you are trying to overcome.

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