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Believe it or not, the worst air quality your breathe every day may be right in your living room. A combination of stagnant air and poor ventilation contributes to the creation of a toxic cloud in your home. Being educated is the first step in preventing your family from breathing in toxic air so pay close attention to the 5 shocking facts about indoor air quality below:
  1. The United States EPA ranks indoor air quality (IAQ) as a top five environmental risk to public health. Poor ventilation, burning scented candles, air fresheners and beauty products all contribute to the reason why indoor pollution levels can be up to 5 times greater than the outdoors.
  2. According to the NRDC, most air fresheners contain phthalates, noxious chemicals known to disrupt hormone function in babies and children. If your home smells a bit musty, toss the chemicals and open the windows to let in fresh air instead.
  3. Choose soy candles over paraffin wax and make sure they are only scented with essential oils. Candles with paraffin wax contain benzene and toluene which can also found in vehicle exhaust.
  4. Protect your children! While you may not be able to control the air they breathe at school, which happens to be among the worst indoor air quality, you can control what they breathe in at home. Have an indoor air quality system installed today!
  5. The elderly spend the majority of their days indoors. This is why they suffer the most from poor indoor air quality. Take your elderly family members outside for a walk to enjoy some fresh air once in a while.

Interested in improving the quality of air inside your home? Give Aspen Air Conditioning a call today at 561-395-1500. We’ll help explain the benefits and let you know which type of system will be best for you!

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