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Pollen is likely one of the worst culprits that can invade the air of South Florida during the spring, and as much as we’d like to kiss it goodbye, we can’t. During these months, it’s important to note that this pesky sneeze-inducing allergen can invade your car, office, and even your home at times. One of the best ways to prevent the effects, is to prepare for the attack. Below are a few things you can do in order to protect from the effects of pollen and the inevitable invasion.

Shower After Being Outdoors

Grass pollen is in the air, and if you’ve been outside near a field of green, or just went for a run, you’re susceptible to the effects. We recommend hopping in the shower after any activities outside to prevent the pollen from clinging to your clothing and skin. Effectively washing up helps your body regulate temperature, and freshens the air around you as a whole.

Don’t Leave Things Outside

It’s common to leave your basketball by the hoop, or hanging garments out to dry, but during this time of year, should be carefully avoided. You’ve seen the thin coats of pollen that line windows and the roof of your car — and it has the same effect on everything else you touch! Once you’re making contact with these items, you’re increasing your chances of the sniffles. Best practice is to wash off items after use and keep them inside.

AC Maintenance

You run your air conditioner all the time, and those filters eventually need to be swapped for a new one. If pollen is high or you’re just sensitive to the effects, new filters and cleaning can only benefit you long term. With the air coming from outdoors, it’s imperative that you make sure it’s filtered and free from pollen before it makes it’s way into your home. Maintenance plans are easy and take the pain away from daytime sniffles, itchy eyes, and the occasional headache.

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