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Most of us welcome the summer season with open arms, but we could all do without those expensive cooling bills that come along with it. While it feels great to keep your air conditioning system on full blast all summer long, your wallets and checkbooks would beg to differ. Here are a few ways to keep cool this season without breaking the bank:

  1. Cover Up Sunny Windows: while it’s nice to let sunshine penetrate your windows, those sunny rays are only making your home warmer. Cover up all windows that are in direct sunlight by using a simple curtain or blinds.
  2. Open Up Your Windows At Night: it’s a great idea to open up your windows on cooler nights. The overall temperature in your home will drop and even though you may wake up a bit chilly in the morning, you won’t have to run your air conditioner all day long.
  3. Take Cold Showers: jumping in a cool shower will help to lower your body temperature and make you feel cooler, making you less likely to crank up the A/C. Cold water is cheap so it’s a great way to cool off after spending time outside in the heat.

Sticking to these three tricks will help to keep your energy bills down this summer. You can also head out to public places that are air conditioned to give your system a break.

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